Home Coming

434 day!!!

Yes , that’s how long I have been away from my home, my family – my blog.

Never been too regular, but never been this irregular as well.I scold myself for this, but then again ,I pat on my back for the same, for it takes immense courage and motivation to rise from the dead(a dead soul is s good/bad as a dead body).

So many days away from something you claim to love, raises questions on the authenticity of the assertion.But to me love is not finding the one, but re-finding that one.

So here, I have re-found my love, my passion and my life.

I promise myself that regularity is the word  I set my eyes upon.

“Improvement” shall be the keyword in all my endeavors.

So with this “Home Coming”,I hope to learn a lot from you all,develip,learn and improve.



Cricket-its more than a game!!

While the world(a part of me also) is going crazy over the “world cup 2015”,I am sitting in my balcony enjoying my evening tea.For one reason, the match was quite obvious. 153/7 in 38 overs meant sure shot victory for Team India and the other and more prominent reason was, I was literally thrown out of the room, for my family thinks that I somehow have magical powers to turn the tables.I wasn’t much interested in the match anyway,so I retired and made my way to the balcony.The ados-pados k bachchas were playing gali cricket in the front porch of our building. I started enoying their game mainly because I had the pavilion view and that I felt welcomed.My 15 minute watching their game got me to understand how amazing and different gali cricket was from regular cricket.Some simple things that amazed me-

1. Number of Overs—

Gone are the days of 50 over matches,even 20-20 is a thing of the past…Decide your own number of overs according to the time available till sunset,mothers’ scold or mutual agreement.And the best part is that number of balls bowled by the baller is always under controversy.

2. Type of balls-

Well certainly everybody has heard of wide ball, no ball etc.But have you heard about TRY BALL. Yes gali cricket has this amazing feature.The first ball of the inning is just to tryyy,…

3. Baby Over-

If you think that 6 balls=1 over, you need to recheck your facts, there is something like baby over as well, which has half the number of ball. Probably it was invented to pacify the small kids and fool them and hence the word “Baby”.

4. Pavilion-

Well, unlike normal cricket you don’t need to buy expensive tickets to watch the game live, just sit in your balcony, stand in the gali or peep from your window…all free.

P.S But be ready to become a non-playing and muft-ka fielder.

5. Batting /Bowling order-

There is certainly no batting/bowling order.Nearly everybody starts raising hands and shouting to get to bat/bowl and the decision is made only after promising the others of the next turn.

6. Captain-

Well India might have captain cool, but we are no less. The only difference is that no BCC sits to select the captain.The captain is self-appointed, mostly the one who has the BAT.

7. Fielding-

Building a tight security web is common in both the games, but then here the main agenda is to save the ball from hitting the cars,windows or any other potential scold seeker.

8. Diversity in the team-

If Team India has players from different states and religions, we also have kids from different schools, different classes and different age.We wear different clothes,but we still have the same passion

9. Decision-

Regular cricket has 3 umpires, we don’t even need one.We all are self made umpires who take decision with mutual agreement.No decision is taken instantly.You need to shout and claim of taking a wicket on every ball, one of them is sure to yield the results.

10. Pitch Inspection-

There is no pitch inspector, there is only pitch finders. Just request the uncle-aunties to cooperate and park their cars/scooters on the other side, so that the gali can be used as the pitch.

11. Rules-

The game with such diversity and manipulation can’t be played efficiently without rules. But I wonder ..who makes them??

12. Stumps-

The worst part about galli cricket though is that run outs are more common. And why not, instead of 3 wickets as stumps, we have big-big scooters,chairs, walls and big stones as stumps.

And thats not the end…Gali cricket is most common scene in vaccations.Just wear your thinking hat and “BleedBlue”.. 🙂



Ankhiyon k jharokhe se!!

Alsayi si in ankhon me baki hain neend ab bhi kuch
Palko ke peeche se rhi hain jo sapne bun
kal  sapne me tere astitva ki parchayi dekhi thi
Tere aks main jeevan ki sachchai dekhi thi
Angdayiyon main tere hone ka ehsaas tha
Ek apna-sa par anjana-sa koi paas tha…
Ab aanken khul to gyi
Par wo n kahin, n paas tha
Vichlit se dhoond rahi thi main usse
par shayad uska bas mere sapne main hi vaas tha
Ab us vishwas ki aas mein
Main moond baithi hoon aankon ko
ki khuli  aankhon se na sahi
band aankhon mein hi , uss par hi sahi
Tu hai wahin kahin!!
Tu hai wahin kahin!!!


Make a Little wish

She was sitting right there at the footpath of the crossing near the railway station.It’s been almost 4 years of my college and I have been noticing her since then.I have never actually seen her face, since she always wraps a brown colored blanket over her head and all of the upper body.I don’t know what age she is , but from her body language and my instinct, I deduce she is in her late 50s or early 60s.At first , I thought she was some crazy lady who just wanders here and there and lives by the generosity of the passers-by.But her regular presence at the same place in the same position generated curiosity in me.After sometime, I used to become alert way before we reached the station.And she would always be there, in the exact same position.This became a regular ritual and one day I decided to see what exactly she did.I stopped about 100metres away from her, and started observing her actions.I couldn’t see exactly what she was doing, but she had some bundles of cards, some coins and some other miscellaneous stuff which she neatly piled on the mat in-front of her.And by the looks of it it seemed that may be she was a lottery ticket seller,fortune teller or something.Seeing her regularly ,early morning ,somehow made me believe that she was not there to beg for money or something, and seeing her doing some work to earn really made me happy.But observing her became a morning ritual.Even after getting to know that, I would still try to peep in to get more information.She had become a mysterious character in my life.And one day,I realised, that I saw here only in the mornings.She was never there when I went home after the college.

I wished,I could get to know where she goes.Does she have a home, a family??

One day, I got free early,and so made my way to home,and there she was. She still wore that blanket of hers and was packing her stuff, and putting inside her old jhola(bag). It had begun to get chilly now, and I was worried where she would be going.

She got up,lifted her jhola and began walking,rather crawling.She walked really slowly and altough I was getting bored of that, I so wanted to know where she was going.She walked barely 100 steps in about 20 minutes and finally stopped.I scanned the surroundings to find any home, hut or something.Seconds later,she entered the white and red tent which had “Rain Basera” written on it.


Ohh.. so she lived in a Night shelter.She was alone,She didn’t have a family, a home.Though , I didn’t know her I felt bad for her, and the others living there.The most amazing things is that when confronted by such situations, we all get into the deep thinking and forget it just as easily.But a peep inside that tent changed me forever.There were some 10 beds,and many mattresses. Blankets and kambals were folded and piled at the corner.There was a matka(earthen pot) at the other corner.And that was pretty much it .Most of the beds were occupied,because due to the less place there would be a line to get in there later.There were children,women,men,young and old.Some of them were alone and some with family.It was the most unusual scene,pretty much like the refuge camp shown in the movies,only without army officials and the volunteers.I was lost in deep thinking, when my phone buzzed, and I realized that in my stunt of “Getting to know where she goes”, I had got really late.I really had to go. I got into the auto and drove away..All the way, I could think only about the woman and the others living there.

It was only December, and it would definitely get colder later.How do they manage??…Don’t they feel cold???….I just kept wondering.And then a thought came to my mind, what hurts more..cold weather or cold relations????


Lets make a wish this Christmas,that these unlucky people get love,food and shelter.Be a little generous.A small charity and an act of love and care never hurt anybody!!!